Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Valer Church, Valer, Norway

Project a new church set within a graveyard in Valer, Norway. The design reinterpretes the medieval typology of the ‘Stavkirke’ – a venecular church type with a ‘stacked’ appareance in timber contruction. The new church embraces a 47m high Clock Tower, an entrance area with community functions and a 17m high church hall and mortuary chapel.

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SIZE 895m2

LOCATION Våler, Norway

CLIENT Våler kommune



CASPER MUELLER KNEER with TUPELO arkitektur, Oslo, Norway

CASPER MUELLER KNEER: Kyung Tae Jung, Tomas Pohnetal and Marianne Mueller

REINERTSEN: Sigurdur Gunnarson

TUPELO: Håkon Follesø, Christoph von Mach, Knut Hovland and Thor Arne Kleppan