Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

The Hyundai Seoul

The project covers the entire central ground floor area of the new “The Hyundai Seoul” department store, dedicated to cosmetics and beauty products.
The main design element is a floor made from different types of marble that form a vivid pattern of differing intensities. The patterns give scale to the vast space, which can be experience from close up but also from the upper floor looking down from the upper floors of the atrium.

The lighting concept includes a array of light discs that form a sweeping 3-dimensional curve, offset against larger ceiling disks providing focus to particular areas.

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Project Team: Marianne Mueller, Olaf Kneer, George Barer, Vicente Hernandez, You Seok Cho, Halina Hoffman, Karolina Woch

Lighting Design: Lichtvision London Berlin Hong Kong

Photography: Rohspace