Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Pentagon Petal

Pentagon Petal is a site specific temporary installation for the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground: a prominently located public space at Chelsea College of Arts adjacent to Tate Britain. The intervention re-enacts a miniature version of Millbank prison’s infamous plan, editing and reinterpreting it into a more socially active figure: a flower shaped bench.

In collaboration with artist Fran Cottell.


Client: UAL Camberwell Chelsea Wimbledon

Location: The Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, London

Fabrication by Dexter Dymoke

Photography by Terry Watts

Drawings and Visualisations by Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

This project is supported by the Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School
Staff Fund, and Careers and Employability.

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A special thank you to Malcolm Quin, George Blacklock, Nick Gorse, Chris Wainwright,
Kelly Palmer, Ken Wilder, Sian Stirling, Sarah Mclean, Jefford Horrigan, Jordan McKenzie, James Edgar, Michelle Bolger, Katy Deepwell, Liz May, Michele Fuirer, Frank Davis,
Mike Richards, Rosa Bevan, Silvia Ziranek and Olaf Kneer for their support, advice and time.


Thanks to Vicente Hernandez, Fengli Cheng, Keun Hye Lee, Marta Barina, Jens Bernhard,
Lulu Richards Cottell, Nate Frazer, Melloney Harvey, Tobias Rabold, Sabrina Rothe and Bethan Wilkins for their help and participation with the project.


Thank you also to John Morgan Studio for lending the font ‘Caslon Egyptian’, a digital interpretation of the first ever acknowledged sans serif typeface designed in 1816, the same year that Millbank Prison took its first prisoners.


Publication designed by SO studio and published by Camberwell Press