Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Mineral Architecture, Architectural Association

Architectural Association Intermediate and Diploma Unit 1, Marianne Mueller and Olaf Kneer, 2007-2010

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The unit focuses on the relevance of form making as articulating relationships between physical formations and human processes.

The unit works with mapping, scripting and modelling to provide a reservoir of formal and material systems. Empirical experimentation help to exploit physical and sensory effects. Physical and digital models utilising boolean operations explore ideas of solids, mass, interiority and envelope.

Searching for an architecture of solidity, economy of form and construction, the unit focuses on monolithic construction and single material articulations. Grounded yet autonomous, the monolith radicalises ideas of programme and context. Mineral matter, silicates, clays, gypsum and amorphous solids form a technical focus initiating a research into constructional consequences.