Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Garden Conservatory, Seoul

Hyundai Mokdong 7th Floor Glass House Garden Room

The ‘Glass Haus’ at the 7th Floor of Hyundai Mokdong Department Store is a contemporary interpretation the traditional green house, forming an internal garden room.

It is located on the top floor of the department store, which is also the entrance floor to residential towers above, and extends the external roof garden into the indoors.

It is a space without a fixed programme and without the pressure to buy or consume, a generous and free offering to both visitors of the department store as well as local residents.

A series of green islands with lush planting is scattered around the space providing a calming and immersive experience.

The glass house has a pitched roof, back-lit to provide calm and even illumination, with additional focussed grow lights above the planting.

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Team: Marianne Mueller, Olaf Kneer, George Barer, You Seok Cho, Vicente Hernandez, Karolina Woch, Halina Hoffmann

Photography: Roh Space

Lighting Design: Lichtvision, London Berlin Hong Kong