Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Céline Concept Store, Mount Street, London

The design for the Mount Street Concept Store continues the spatial and material strategies developed (together with Céline’s creative director Phoebe Philo) for the Céline catwalks and evolves them into a world-wide store concept.

The store is structured into a suite of intimate spaces using raw and precious materials. The distinct marble floor, made from eight different types of stones interlaced with hand made glass and semi precious stones, creates varying hues and intensities across the store. It contains 5.000 individually placed pieces. This is set against concretes, steels, resin and even grass. A global ceiling of illuminted rafts unifies this geometrically complex space.

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The Danish artist FOS created a series of bespoke furniture and fixtures, such as the concrete seat, floor lamps, chandelier, steel table and free standing mirrors. The cast resin wall was supplied by London-based fabricator Mike Smith Studio.

Architects: Casper Mueller Kneer Architects / Marianne Mueller, Olaf Kneer

Team: Olaf Kneer, Marianne Mueller, Kyung Tae Jung, Andre Dias, Valentina Grittini

Photos: Paul Riddle