Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Céline Cheongdam Seoul Flagship Building

Celine’s new Flagship Building is located in the Cheongdam district of Seoul, Korea.

This 7 storey mixed use building has a stepping building mass which unified through a simple brick envelope. The brick used is a light coloured bespoke terracotta unit that is laid in a complex bond using different lengths and opening types. The resulting brick skin resembles a veil, part closed, part transparent displaying a variety of conditions across this animate and tactile façade. At night, when the building is illuminated the full effect of the perforated brick skin is revealed.


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Internally, the floors are layed out using a combination of terrazzo and a marble parquet, which has first been introduced in the Mount Street store and now re-arranged, made up of an pattern of different precious marbles.

The main lighting is provided by large scale stretch fabric light boxes. A signature feature which Casper Mueller Kneer have developed for Celine, the light boxes produce a soft and even lighting condition.

Design Team at Casper Mueller Kneer: Marianne Mueller, Olaf Kneer, George Barer, Vicente Hernandez, Kyung Tae Jung, Sabrina Rothe

Photography: Paul Riddle