Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

Céline Catwalk A/W 2013-14, Paris

The project constructs a temporary space within the Tennis Club de Paris for the Paris Fashion Week March 2013. The traditional division between cat walk and audience is dissolved. A new floor, two walls and a low ceiling suspended off the existing 13m high vaulted space demarkate a ‘field’ that is shared between models and audience.

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Tightly packed seating is broken down into small units and scattered throughout the space, creating ‘alleys’ and ‘squares’ through which the models meander in close proximity to the viewer. Overlaid geometries refer both to the ‘field’ and the existing larger space. A restrainted material pallette of self-coloured and raw materials and the use of industrial building products underline the temporary nature of this construction.

Gross Floor Area: 550m2 catwalk, 2900m2 larger site

Architects: Casper Mueller Kneer Architects / Marianne Mueller, Olaf Kneer

Team: Olaf Kneer, Marianne Mueller, Tae Jung Kyung

Photography: Valerie Bennett