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Future eating, future drinking, future love, future working – what will our everyday life be like in the not too distant future?

The Laboratory is a cross-disciplinary workshop that brings together architects, artists and researchers to speculate about our life in the future. Participants are asked to develop proposals about our life in tomorrow’s world through an exploration of our social, cultural, spatial and technological present.

The Laboratory will be run by experts from different fields such as architecture, nano science, entertainment design, trend research and photography. A series of field trips will explore centres of innovation in and around Stuttgart.

The Laboratory is based at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, one of the oldest and biggest art schools in Germany sited adjacent to the reknown Weissenhof Estate, an experimental prototype for future ways of living.

The Laboratory is organised by the Architectural Association one the world’s most reknown and forward-thinking architecture schools. Programme Heads are Marianne Mueller and Fahim Mohammadi.

The workshop will be concluded by a public presentation, an exhibition and a publication.

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