Casper Mueller Kneer Architects

LARUA HERNANDEZ CS2Jens Casper and architectural researcher Luise Rellensmann are presenting The Garage Manifesto at the University of York Thursday 26 October, 5 pm at K159 King’s Manor.

Garage facilities from GDR times are a rather unnoticed building type, although over 500,000 of them are still shaping the urban fringes of many East German cities and villages. Car shelters, alternative living rooms and places for male-bonding, they were erected by self-organized associations on leased public (volkseigen) property. They are often preserved in their original state including associated infrastructural elements. 28 years after the fall of the Wall in 1989, they are still the subject of disputes concerning questions of ownership and identity.

Making Heritage: The Garage Manifesto promotes preservation as an axiomatic part of architectural theory, as a creative act and participatory social practice. The Garage Manifesto started as an interdisciplinary seminar Luise and Jens held at Brandenburg University of Technology, and was on show at the renowned Architektur Galerie Berlin Satellit earlier this year.

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