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Marianne Mueller and Fran Cottell’s visual essay “From House to Square” appears in “Architecture in Effect”, substantial double volume that compiles 50 essays emerging from the architectural research environment of Sweden and published by Actar Barcelona, New York. A central premise of the collected research is to question the relationship between the built environment and societal norms and to interrogate architecture’s role in these co-constitutive processes. Marianne and Fran’s essay features in Volume 01, entitled “Rethinking the Social in Architecture: Making Effects” and edited by Sten Gromark, Jennifer Mack and Roemer van Toorn.


Architecture in Effect book launch
May 24, 2019, 5:30pm

KTH School of Architecture
Level 6 Atelier Osquars Backe 5
SE-SE10044 Stockholm
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