Casper Mueller Kneer Architects


Marianne Mueller and Fran Cottel’s work Pentagon Petal will be part of an exhibition at Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin


7.–22. July 2017

With contributions by

Richard Allen, Alice Aycock, Fran Cottell & Marianne Mueller, Hella Gerlach, Julia Horstmann, Emma Waltraud Howes, Jonas von Ostrowski, Mirjam Thomann, Moi Tran, u.A.

Thursday, 6 July, 7 pm with a performance by Moi Tran: „Moving In Moving Out“

Thursday, 13 July, 7 pm lecture performance by Richard Allen: „Phantom Stages – Floor Plans as Affect Machines”

“Which movements, what behaviour and what kinds of thinking bring about a floor plan? What occupies its centre? An object or a piece of social interaction? Which language, which narratives and which concept of man does it embody?” These are a few of the questions that Hidden Lines of Space poses. The project investigates the floor plan per se from a fine art perspective and will stage a multi-angled presentation comprising research material and artistic contributions from across the world at the Kunstverein on Rosa Luxemburg Square/Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz from 7 July until 21 July.
Ground plans contain specific structural instructions. Within the context of Hidden Lines of Space and removed from their normal association with construction and architecture, floor plans become liberated figures of thought and play with the capacity to illuminate social or aesthetic practices.
The exhibition will feature artworks that either engage explicitly with ground plans or take a more abstract approach to them.
The spectrum ranges from illustrated analyses of spatial structures to the transformation of a prison floor plan into a social public space sculpture. Other works explore the floor plan as a repository for the storage and accumulation of memory or approach the topic from a performative angle: they investigate the ritual occupation of a given space or view the walls as dramaturgs producing real and imagined boundaries and choreographing specific behaviours. In each case, the focus is upon harnessing the floor plan as scope for modelling human experience. 
Hidden Lines of Space – a project realised by Annette Hans and Julia Horstmann.
Starting from the assumption that the floor plan is an archetypal architectural representational form, the project will formulate questions and prompt research ideas in various formats, viz. salons, exhibitions and publication.

The project will run in parallel to the »Thought Spaces – the Ground Plan as a Figure of Thought« series of events with contributions by Tiziana Destino, Niklas Fanelsa, Anna Hougaard and Stephan Mörsch.

Detailed program: