Casper Mueller Kneer Architects


On 29.11.2016 an auction will take place between 7-11pm at the Florence Hall of the RIBA in support of Article 25, a charity supporting vulnerable communities. Casper Mueller Kneer have been asked to submit a drawing for this year’s even, entitled 10×10 drawing the city.


About article 25

Article 25 works closely together with local communities to design and construct sustainable buildings like schools, health clinics and training centres. Through engaging the local beneficiaries in community participation workshops, communities are able to take ownership of their project; in doing so Article 25 not only leaves behind excellent buildings, but also a society that has the ability to build for itself and create a positive future for generations to come.

Staffed by a team of skilled professionals and volunteers with essential experience working in both the developing and developed world, Article 25 has the ability to deal with situations which involve high levels of risk, requiring an agile response to project management whilst providing a service expected from a professional design practice.

Since its foundation in 2006, Article 25 has worked on over eighty projects in more than thirty countries, making a difference to the lives of more than one million people. The proceeds from the 10×10 London auction allows Article 25 to continue its work in the world’s most vulnerable communities.